Connect the EV3 Brick to a Wi-fi Network

The EV3 brick can be connected to a wireless network using a USB WI-FI dongle. At the moment only the Netgear WNA1100 and Edimax EW-7811UN are supported using the stock firmware.

Setup a WiFi network on the EV3 Brick:

The first step is to plug in the WiFi Dongle and activate the WiFi on the EV3, which is done by selecting WiFi in the settings tab on the EV3 Brick:


If this process is successful, there should be check mark on WiFi.  Next, search for available networks. This is done by selecting Connections in the same tab.


The available WiFi networks are then displayed. Select the network that you want the EV3 to be connected to. If a password is needed, the program will request it.


Once a network is used, the Ev3 will store it and offer to connected to it using the stored password. However, this does not always work correctly and you may have to “remove” the connection and start the process again. Once the network connection is established, the name of the network will be displayed.


By selecting the name of the WiFi network, the IP address (, used to identify & communicate with the brick can be obtained.


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